My friends and I had lunch at this cozy cafe at morning, restaurant by night establishment that is located along an alley in Calumpang, Marikina, near the Our Lady of the Abandoned Church and Shoe Museum.  It’s a really nice place to have brunch with friends or have lunch with the family.  At night I think it transforms into a very romantic date place, what with the English countryside style garden and candle lights.  I was only able to take photos of these 3 spots in the place since I am very busy admiring the paintings, old family photos, copper pots and pans, Delft blue ceramics, colorful mosaic floor tiles, a huge collection of empty perfume bottles, McCormick spice bottles turned wind chime, and of course, devouring their scrumptious food.  There’s al fresco and airconditioned dining, which I’d like to call the Blue Room since it is full of blue and white ceramics and furnishings.  I am in love with the display!  I wonder how much the owner has spent collecting those.  I can go on and on about how lovely this place is, and I am sure to take more photos the next time I visit, watch out for it!


    That is my view when I turn my office chair right round, and it is so perfect when I am having my afternoon tea with my kawaii Hello Kitty mug.  This is probably the last photo I’ll be able to take of this view, since we are transferring to another building which is quite far from this side of the office complex.  Then after that, I’ll be transferring to another company.  Yay!  I will be working with a [huge] local retail company soon and I am just serving my last few weeks here then I’m off to the Retail and Fashion World!  Oh, how I love it!  I may not know the scope of my work yet but I know I’ll be working closely with garments, so that is very much welcome!  There’s a start for me, and thank you Lord for this blessing.


  3. "It doesn’t matter one damn bit whether fashion is art or not. You don’t question whether an incredible chef is an artist or not—his cakes are delicious and that’s all that matters."
    — Sonia Rykiel

    I accompanied my boyfriend last week while he shoe-shopped to his heart’s content and took a photo of our feet reflected in the store mirror.  The image I captured got me thinking about what we reflect to other people in terms of how we dress up.  My boyfriend’s shoe might seem all business-y and all that but when you examine it, he’s wearing green argyle-print socks underneath.  I wonder how this translates to his colleagues at work.  Mine looks girly/feminine yet tough, brought about by my pairing of a 50s-style full skirt (yes, vintage again!) and a spiked skimmer.  Now how do I translate that?  Well I think I’m going for the I’m-sweet-and-cute-but-I’m-tough-when-provoked kind of vibe.  Yes, I think I’ll go with that. 

    Nonetheless, when I dress up, I don’t take into consideration what others will think of me when they see what I’m wearing.  Even when my boyfriend sometimes thinks I’m crazy just by wearing something unconventional.  Just like other girls who are fashion world-crazy as I am, I dress as I please and consider how I’m feeling when I choose my outfit of the day… And that takes A LOT of time.


  5. "While clothes may not make the woman, they certainly have a strong effect on her self-confidence — which, I believe, does make the woman."
    — Mary Kay Ash

    Here comes another vintage!  My top is again, my grandmother’s and it goes up to the neck, but since it is very hot right now in Manila, I turned it into a V-neck just by folding and tucking it in.  To make it look less 80s, I paired it with a plain black pleated skirt (very much like a schoolgirl) and accentuated my small waist with a somehow broad belt with a very pronounced gold buckle.  I accessorized it with black wedge pumps and a black sling bag to make it more office appropriate.  If I am not in a corporate office setting I would wear it with lavender strap heels and a mustard pencil skirt.  Hooray for my Grandma’s stylish closet I get to have free new clothes haha!

  7. I’ve got such a very crappy phone I can only show photos properly in Instagram.  But well, it won’t stop me from posting my outfits! Wearing thrifted top and skirt and Lelarose shoes.

  8. Found this quaint store in Libis, Gigi’s Custaroonery.  They sell this super yummy custaroons, which has a custard base and a macaroon on top, hence the name.  On their website they described it as “a deliciously unique combination of smooth and creamy flan topped with a chewy, buttery crust."  It’s a little on the sweet side but it’s really delicious!  Perfect for dessert or just a snack, but I’ll take this for breakfast, with milk or coffee.  Aside from the food, I am in love with their store interior.  It’s a tiny store equipped with just a cake fridge and a table with 2 Daphne Chairs.  A Daphne Chair!  When I have my own home, I would surely have this in it.  Their packaging (which is really awesome, by the way) matches the logo and the door decoration. I would have dined-in but my family was on our way home so I just bought a box and ate my heart out.  Delectable indeed!


  9. That’s me and my friend, Lia (the one in orange), shot by our Photographer friend, Lance Lucas, during the last day of Philippine Fashion Week.  It was her first time to attend the shows and she enjoyed it.  So here we are, showcasing our outfit of the day!  I’m wearing a vintage dress, which I believed was my Grandmother’s but then found out that it was a dress worn by my Aunt when she became part of an entourage for a wedding way back when.  Ohh, I love it when I wear vintage, it’s like I’m wearing a part of other people’s history, and now I’m wearing it to make my own story.

  10. Randall Solomon finale at the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013